About Us

The Association for Domain Owner’s Rights/Domain Owner’s Constituency

The Association for Domain Owner’s Rights is an organization of people dedicated to insuring the basic rights of the smaller stakeholders in the internet, the individual domain name owners. The A.D.O.R. / D.O.C. is a non-profit organization under the law of the United States of America and applying for “Charitable Foundation” status as a 501-C-3.

The physical mailing address is:

620 Sea Island Road, P.M.B. #123
St. Simons Island, GA 31522-1767

Initially, our virtual component is comprised of this website and a general discussion list. This list is to provide for opportunities to learn from each other and for members to work together for the enhancement and security of protections afforded the individual domain name owner against wrongful seizure or diminishing rights under the law. Playing “David” among many “Goliath”s has never been easy, and we do not expect them to move aside for us either. For this reason, we are preparing for several different types of effort.

1)  Education: We must spread the word to the many individuals that, having experienced no personal threat themselves, are not aware of the possibility. We must band these people together to apply our collective energies toward . . .

2)  Research: We must know all the facets of related law in order to know how to defend ourselves now and build into the law those things that will best protect future individuals on the internet.

3)  Lobbying: We must make our voices heard with those who hold the power over our futures and bring our numbers to bear so as to approach the influence held by the major corporations and other major stakeholders on the internet. Doing this individually will help some, but bringing the numbers together in one voice, as well, will help impress upon them the importance of the little guys that make up so much of what is great about the internet.

4)  Fund-Raising: To raise a big voice requires more funding than any of us individually can likely ever muster. This is why we have organized as we have, so that a little from each can come together to make an effective force. The greatest possible accountability will be given at all times so as to assure that every little bit is accomplishing what it was given for. As a David among Goliaths, no time, energy or other resource can afford to be wasted.

We hope you would like to learn more about this problem and the organization being formed to deal with it. If so, please contact us. for with any questions you may have. To learn more about ADOR / DOC in particular, please feel free to reviewour Charter here on this website. After learning about the challenges ahead and what they might mean to you and your friends, we are confident you will want to sign up for our discussion list here. From these discussions, we are sure you will want to join the efforts and participate and we welcome your participation in whatever form you can offer it via feedback and selecting “How Can I Help?” on the dropdown list.

We look forward to hearing from you and being of service to you!